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Reporting Foreign Bank Deposits and Foreign Assets

IRS Streamlined Compliance

The Streamline Procedure  – Failure To Report Foreign Bank Deposits And Foreign Assets The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program since September 28, 2018 is no longer available to U.S. taxpayers who have not reported their omitted foreign bank accounts and certain

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The IRS announces the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program will terminate on September 28, 2018

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that the Offshore Voluntary Compliance Program (OVDP) will terminate on September 28, 2018 (not the Streamlined Compliance Program). The purpose of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program is to provide a way for U.S. taxpayers who

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The 2017 Tax Act and U.S. Real Estate: The Foreign Investor and Unusually Low Tax Rates

By Richard S. Lehman, Esq. U.S. Tax Attorney, Boca Raton, FL This article will focus on: investment structures that will be helpful to large, medium, and small investors; the simplicity of the new requirements; and the extraordinary tools available to

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Learn the Latest Development with Tax Treaties for Foreign Financial Institution Reporting Purposes.

Florida tax attorney Richard S. Lehman, Esq., has created an international website to help educate American’s living abroad of current United States taxation. These are excerpts from his website, posted with his permission. A little known new law was enacted

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